The Rider’s Digest ~ 189

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TRD 189 Contents

2 reviews for The Rider’s Digest ~ 189

  1. Lofty

    Fantastically happy now I can get Riders Digest as a downloadable pdf again. Have saved issues right back to October 2013 to read when trucking along. Content as great as ever. New editor doing a great job but nice to see DG still has an input. Wouldn’t have known about this if I hadn’t bumped in to Wizzard at our local French hardware store.

  2. Nick Lojik

    Just finished reading issue 189 and really enjoyed it particularly The Silver Route, Spanish trip with “Bender” (the resemblance is uncanny). Well done, more of the same please. And as for driving rather then riding, well why not its YOUR holiday after all so enjoy yourselves. I did the same a couple of years ago when one of my lads parted company with his bike and ended up on crutched just before we were to set off to Scotland so we used the car instead.

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