From the back cover:

Anyone who has found Dave Gurman’s recent offerings in The Rider’s Digest amusing, interesting, informative, or just plain infuriating, is guaranteed to find this collection of his early contributions exactly the same – only more so. Whether he is joking about the diabolical danger of distractions and the bad old mad old days of despatch riding; discussing the serious moral issues involved when you contemplate allowing a child on a motorcycle; presenting his own bastardised version of an ancient eastern philosophy; or proffering his take on the September 11th attacks (published a fortnight after the event), Dave has never been short of an opinion, nor the ability to express it in an engaging and entertaining manner.

“At last, a British author comparable to those American greats, Cook Neilson & Kevin Cameron.Dave Gurman is an inspiration to riders everywhere.” John Chatterton-Ross, FIM

“Dave Gurman is blindingly honest, funny, never PC. When I picked this book up, I couldn’t put it down.” Sam Manicom, Into Africa/Under Asian Skies

“His charming turns of phrase and effortless bonhomie stand in stark contrast to so much contemporary motorcycle journalism. Dave Gurman makes you glad that you’re riding and glad that you’re reading.” Austin Vince, Mondo Enduro

“Dave Gurman is a natural writer, a natural philosopher and a thoughtful and thought-provoking biker to his bones.” Paul Blezard,Motorcycle Journalist & Photographer

“The concept of a rabidly socialist,moderately literate and occasionally thought-provoking hairy biker is sufficiently novel to justify perusal of his prose.” Alan Ainsworth, Professional courier & occasional TRD contributor

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